The list of the anime episodes and OAV.
Saint beast anime episode cover

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Kouin Jojishi Tenshi TanEdit

A total of 13 anime episode that took place before Seijun Jourin Hen. It shows the life of the angels before they became adult and the events that took place that lead to their tragic result.
Kouin jojishi tenshitan cover

Kouin Jojishi Tenshitan cover

  • The Beginning
  • Light and Darkness of Angels
  • Forest of Darkness
  • Birth of Six Saint Beasts
  • The Legend of Tree Monster in the Human World
  • Angel and Demon
  • The Shadow that Shadowed Paradise
  • The Holy Ground of the Golden Wolf
  • Suppression
  • Messenger from Darkness
  • Purge
  • The Dark Holy Spirit Ceremony
  • Case of Hope

Ikusen No Hiru To Yoru HenEdit

A short anime, 55 minutes and
Oav cover

OAV cover: Thousand Days and Nights

40 seconds to be exact, featuring the history of the angels: from when the angels were still young, when Goh and Gai met Shin for the first time, Rey introducing himself to Luca, that it was actually Judas who introduced the idea of purge to Zeus and how Judas and Shin met. Then the tragedy that affected everyone to the core.
  • OAV

Seijuu Kourin HenEdit

A total of 6 episode of
Seijuu kouin hen cover

Seijuu Kourin Hen cover

anime where it explains the result after Judas and Luca has escaped their hellish cage and seeks revenge on those who did them wrong.