Ep 4 cover

Episode 4: The Ambition of the Fallen Angels

Shiva approaches Goddess Yuki and kneeled before her, as a sign of respect. He then says he is sorry for being late and opened the topic of the 4 Saint Beast being on Earth for a month now and should accomplish their mission soon. Goddess Yuki tells him not to worry about it and that she believed on their capabilities, as the Saint Beasts. Pinky butted in and agrees as well. Shiva then says that where could the missing Guardian Angels disappear to and that he sympathize with the Goddess. She is grateful for his concern and wishes that this wrong doing be done soon and blurted out that they should not depend on such plan. Pinky and Shiva was surprise, with the latter asking 'they?'. She dismissed it as nothing and changes the subject by asking Shiva if he is concerned about something, that is why he was there. Shiva said no but what worries him are the Saint Beasts. Goddess Yuki find that unusual, coming from him. Shiva reacted, showing an annoyed face without letting the Goddess see.

Back in the mansion, it was already night time when Goh and Rey are leaving the mansion. Shin is worried and asked if it is okay if it is just the 2 of them going out. Rey says not to worry, since with their combined power, nothing can beat them. Kira commented that they are just going out to re-seal the House of Revival so it amounts to a very easy job.
Rey cant take it anymore

"That's it!"

Rey reacted strongly; Kira continued that since Rey lost on the game "janken", he should go alone but instead, will be accompanied by Goh, which is pitiful. Rey is starting to lose it and finally, Kira ended the conversation saying that the purple haired angel should grow up and do not do a half-hearted job. That's it and Rey reached his limit and was about to deal some rough talking with Kira but Goh stopped him, telling Shin to take care of the rest. Shin tells them to be careful nevertheless and Gai and Maya wished them safe journey. Goh is dragging a struggling Rey out of the mansion. When they are no longer in sight, they all looked at Kira dejectedly. The next scene is inside a cave where there is a pink-reddish light.
Judas n luca

Judas and Luca

Judas , was sitting on top of a small rock hill and the one standing before him, Luca asked him about Shiva and his obvious attachment to the red haired and thinks that it might be dangerous. Judas dismissed the thought and told Luca that he will deal with Shiva, when the time comes. Luca did not answer when the angel in question came. Judas asked Shiva when exactly the ordeal with the Guardian Angels end since all of his plans fail one after the other. The angel in question, Shiva, reasoned out that he miscalculated. Luca commented that Shiva is a pitiful angel to look at and compared him to a stray dog who follows around blindly. Shiva reacted but Judas ordered them two to stop. He continued that ever since the seal has been removed, Shiva made a promise to him. Shiva says that ever since Judas left Heaven, he has always awaited for his return and now that he has the chance to help him realize his plan, he couldn't be happier. Judas told him to stop bringing in the past; when Shiva told him that he could use him he was happy. Shiva was happy to hear this but Judas was not done speaking; but the plans he had in place always fail miserably. Shiva tried to make an excuse but Judas cut him off. He ordered Shiva to forget the Saint Beast.
Goh n rey trekking

Pretty inconvenient of going to the mountains

The image shows Goh and Rey scaling the mountain towards where the House of Revival was with Shiva's voice speaking on the background. He argues that the Saint Beast are on Earth because of the Goddess' orders and if they left them alone, their plans will be, he cut himself off. Next, the image shown where that of Shin reading a book inside the mansion and he looked out at the window and gazed at the moon. Judas' voice spoke on the background. The Saint Beast are underlings of God and that they will meet soon. The next image was Maya and Gai watching the television. Judas continued, saying that the abilities of the Saint Beasts are being put to waste and that their powers - Goh, Rey, Gai and Shin - will make him stronger. Shiva thought to himself that it is Shin again and that Judas still thinks of him fondly. Judas asks Shiva if he understands and told him now is the time to attack. Forget the Saint Beasts and focus on their mission. Shiva did not answer and Luca noted that he looks like he wants to complain. Shiva argues that the Saint Beasts might find out their plans and if they let them be, he cut himself off again. Judas then told Shiva that he fully intends to fight God one more time but first, he wants the angels to worship him, then the animals and finally, the humans. Shiva exclaims he knows that and that is why all the more he, Judas, should seal the Saint Beasts for good. Judas countered that the Saint Beasts do not matter and that is how he wants to do things. Luca agreed with him, adding that they are opposing God and they - him and Judas - had no regrets when they were cast off from Heaven. Because it was all for their dream and their creating the ideal world. If they succeed, they will be able to complete their Paradise; if Shiva understands their goal, he should leave the Saint Beasts to them. Outside, Goh and Rey had finally reached the mountain where the House of Revival is located and were almost done. Goh then says that the only thing left to do is to invoke the sealing spell.
Sealing the house

What the seal looks like

Rey agrees, with less energy. Goh noticed this and asked what's wrong and the purple haired angel looked depress. Rey then mentioned that he should have heard the last words of Hiro, before he died. He mentioned the name of Judas. Rey then proceeded to saying that it is obvious that he is the one behind the disappearance of the Guardian Angels. Goh told him to stop, Rey was about to say something when Goh continued that that was what he also thought but they will have to wait and see more. Rey agreed. For now, they have to re-seal the place so that no one follows what happened to Hiro. They bought then sealed the cave. Next scene, Shiva was walking inside the eerie cave when out of nowhere, Judas appeared and walked past him then stopped.
Shiva one sided love

"You don't need to be a good spy." - Judas

He warned him not to go to Heaven if he really wants to stay by his side. He continued that he does not have to be a good spy and the God or the Goddess might know. Shiva reasoned out that he just wants to be useful to him that is why; Judas said he knows but such act is not necessary. He has to abandon Heaven like them and that he has great expectations of him.

Inside the mansion, Gai was reading when Maya knocked on his door and told him that Poison Saint Beast is already about to be shown and the blonde angel promised him that they will watch it together. Gai forgot and hurries on turning the television on. While watching, Maya said that Shin has an incredible skill, the

I love chickens

er, Rey is not gonna like that look...

Time Manipulation skill. Gai said that such skill cannot be used recklessly because the effect of using such power results to the angels' ability lowering to zero. Maya was shocked to learned this. Gai continued, comparing it to a human who throws away life just like that. Maya got depress and Gai tried to cheer him up by saying they should enjoy the anime instead. On the episode of the Poison Saint Beast, it was the fight between Hiro and Rey where, instead of falcons, Hiro looks like a white colored chicken and even the sounds uttered where that of the chicken. chibi-anime Rey said that he (Hiro) use to have a pure heart so, what happened. The image, before it ended was of Rey crying bitterly and pitifully and the screen displayed a "to be continued" word. Maya then heard Gai's stomach grumble and the blonde angel confirmed that he is indeed, hungry. Maya then proposed that, since the anime is over, they can go to a convenience store to buy something to eat. Gai then said he had never been to a convenience store. Maya then said that since they, the 4 Saint Beasts, will be staying in Earth for awhile, he might as well teach Gai. Gai then asked if they have fried chickens in a convenience store, to which Maya answered yes, even the jucier ones. Gai was esctatic to know that but then suddenly remembered Rey's lecture whenever the subject of eating meat is brought up. But since the said purple haired angel is not in the mansion, such is a good timing for their part. They then left the mansion.

They went to a nearby convenience store and Gai was amazed at the wide selection a convenience store offers. Maya explained that most are the basic necessity. He added that a sale will be done where the merchandise were Poison Saint Beast but Gai is more on to eating first.
Twin guardian angels

Mio and Rio no Banbi respectively

Then he noticed 2 little girls - twins to be exact - one wearing a pink dress with her hair tied at the right side with a matching pink ribbon and the other, a little taller, was wearing a blue dress with her hair tied on the left side with a blue ribbon as well. Gai asked Maya if they are and Maya confirmed it. Gai continued that the twins has the same scent as them. The girl wearing the pink dress asked the girl with the blue dress which one she wants and the girl in blue answered the lemon one, to which the girl in pink agreed. Gai finally found what he was looking for and got all the more excited. At the counter, the twins were about to pay when one of the coins they have fell. Gai picked it up and they thanked him. It was their turn when the twins left the store. Gai then said there is no mistaking it; Maya agrees that they are indeed Guardian Angels. Gai noted that they look happy; Maya agreed and said that they must have a wonderful master living nearby. The girl at the counter was waiting for them and was unsure of what to do when Gai blurted out that he wants another cheese bread added to their order. When they left the store, Gai exclaimed that he can no longer wait to eat and Maya said he too, got hungry. At a park where there was a fountain in the middle, Gai and Maya stopped there to eat their food. Gai exclaims that fried chicken is definitely the best; Maya told him not to tell this to Rey, where Gai said of course since Maya also ate the fried chicken.
Looking for someone

Mio looking for Rio

Then Maya noticed the little girl awhile ago, walking alone and looks like she was looking for something, Gai also noticed this and decided to approach her. Near the fountain, the little girl remembered the 2 of them and Gai asked her if she is a Guardian Angel. She was surprise and Gai followed up, by saying that they are the Saint Beasts; Maya added that if she needs help, they can help her. The little girl was unsure at first but then she revealed that indeed, she is a Guardian Angel - Banbi no Mio, but then she starts to cry. Maya told her not to cry then Mio suddenly blurted out that she, Rio, is missing. Gai asked if she was the other girl she was with inside the convenience store. Maya asked her where she might have lost Rio. Mio answered right after they left the convenience store, they were walking side by side when suddenly, she disappeared. Gai then said that not to worry and Rio might have just walked off somewhere, this statement was met with a strong no from Mio. She continued that Rio has always been there with her - from birth to death to becoming a Guradian Angel - and she would never leave her alone just like that and cried some more. Gai tried to appease her; Maya then told her that they will find her soon and he understands her feelings because he himself, has a brother and with them - twins - they have a bond unique only to them so she should not cry. Mio agrees. The 3 of them started searching for Rio around the park. After some time, Mio spotted Rio just on the other side of the fountain and was happy to see her and approached her, Gai and Maya following her. When she got near, she noticed something strange with the other girl. Rio beckoned Mio to come with her. Gai asked Mio what's wrong; Mio answered that Rio is acting strange. Rio approaches Mio and told her that they should go together to that person.
The result

Gai against Rio no Banbi

When Mio didn't move, Rio asked her why won't she come with her. Mio backs away a little, then Gai commented that someone is manipulating her; Maya asked who could it be. Gai then stepped in front of Mio; Rio got angry and said that whoever gets in her way will not be forgiven and charged towards Gai. Gai countered with a wind - based defense, resulting to Rio being thrown away, hurt. Mio said stop and was about to go towards Rio when she was stopped by Gai. Mio begged Gai not to kill Rio, Maya in agreement with her; Gai has no choice. Rio stands up again. Gai carried Mio piggy back style and Maya asked what to do now. Gai said he can beat her easily - this was met with a loud 'don't! - and he quickly said he knows and told Maya to run away for now. They quickly took off, Rio telling them that they cannot escape her. They headed towards the thick forest where Rio lost them. She then screams in frustration. Behind some thick trees, Gai told Maya that he cannot defeat the Guardian Angel with that type of mind control and is unsure what to do next. Maya agrees and cannot offer any solution either. Gai then said that if only they have Shin's ability to control time then maybe they have a chance. Maya then added that Shin could return the time back to when Rio was before her mind got controlled. Just then, trees were being cut down one after the other and, left with no choice, they went out of their hiding. Mio asks Rio to stop this to which Rio answered that there is no use in hiding from her. Gai commented that Rio is really angry right now. Maya thought to himself that if only Shin was there with them now. Rio attacks them. Gai also called out to Shin in his thoughts.
Sleeping shin

Shin sleeping soundly

At the mansion, Shin was already asleep when he heard Gai and Maya's call of his name and got him to wake up.

Back at the park, Rio attacked the 3 with the sharpen ends of a tree to which they easily dodge and Rio has no plans on stopping as she continues on her attack.

Outside the mansion, Shin was still wearing his night gown when he left and headed out.

Back at the park, Rio is still on attack mode and Maya comments that if this continues, he cut his statement there when Gai knows what he means and agrees, noting that Rio is powering up. Rio was about to approach them when Shin entered the battlefield. Gai was happy to see him. Shin then explained that he felt that he heard them calling out to him and was happy that he was right to come, he then asked who was the little girl on Gai's back. Gai said that she is Banbi no Mio, and the other little girl attacking them is her twin sister, Rio. Shin then looked at Rio and said she is being manipulated using Mind Control. Rio commented that they called a friend. Gai told Shin that they cannot fight her and so, Shin deduced that that is the reason why they called out to him instead.
Time manipulate

Shin using the Time Manipulation ability

Maya added that if Shin can use his ability to turn back time, then they can have Rio back to when she was before she was placed on a mind control. Shin was thinking and got a troubled look on his face. Rio then announced that since Mio won't come with her, she better die instead and delivered a barrage of attacks on the 4 of them, resulting for Mio to got thrown off of Gai. Maya was shocked that Rio could do such thing, even to her own sister. Mio, injured and battered, told them to stop and that, whatever happens, Rio is still her precious sister and that they should forgive her. At the same time, Shin activated his ability - Time Manipulation - and Rio and her surroundings begin to revert back to what they once they were. Gai and Maya watched in amazement as Rio is feeling the effects of the Time Manipulation ability, even the surroundings were affected. Once done, Rio slumped down on the ground, Shin following her. Maya and Gai quickly went to Shin's aid.

Behind the trees, Shiva was watching and blamed it all to Shin getting in his way again. He added that if only Shin is not here, he would have had Judas all to himself. He would never forgive Shin.

The next morning, inside the mansion, the twins were sleeping soundly whereas Shin was resting but was experiencing the effect of using the Time Manipulation ability.