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Episode 5: The trap of the Guardian Angels

The episode starts where the fire of the Night of the Holy Spirits, located right in the center of the park. Shiva then does a reminisce of when he is still in Heaven and he is, again, looking for Judas. And when he finally saw him, it turns out, Judas was with Shin. The red haired was fixing Shin's hair and tying it in the ribbon he gave to the latter. Shiva then goes in his inner thoughts, commenting that he is always with Shin. Back in the present, he is right outside the mansion where the 4 Saint Beast are currently staying and questions that inner thought he had awhile ago. He continues that he does more for Judas compared to Shin and then disdainfully looked at the mansion, where a sleeping Shin lies in his bed. Shiva then finally concluded that the thing between him and Shin is something personal, thus, needs his personal time and attention. Inside the mansion, the other 3 angels (Gai, Kira and Maya) are getting worried that Shin has not awaken for a week now. Goh was quiet when Rey enters the room and asks Shin's condition. Goh answered him that Shin is still resting and will take time for him to recover. Rey is just as worried as the other 3; Gai then commented that since Shin is out, the 3 Saint Beast will have to fill in for him, Goh agrees. He added that the House of Revival is now sealed and hopes that nothing bad happens while Shin is resting. Maya then asks Rey who was manipulating the Guardian Angels, citing what Rio no Banbi said something about 'that person'.
Shin's room

yep, before a certain someone blurts out something...

Rey, getting uncomfortable with the question cannot answer him right away. Goh then expertly change the subject by asking if the food is ready. Rey immediately answered yes and asks everyone to join him at the dining room. Then suddenly, Gai blurted out that it might have been Judas who is behind everything, which shocked the 2 brothers. Gai continues, saying that Judas has finally broke free from the seal that imprison them for thousands of years and was about to say more when Goh finally cut him off. Rey reprimanded him and reminded him that that information is not to be told to the brothers, who are really close with Judas. Kira was angered to the point that he drew out his whip, telling the Saint Beast are all thinking the same, that Judas is the culprit. Maya added that Judas is everyone's friend in Heaven, thus, cannot be the enemy. Rey and Goh were speechless after that. That night, Kira was looking outside while his younger brothers watches him. Kira then looks at a bottle that he has been holding and remembered how he got it. Judas gave that bottle that contains the water from the Spring of Life, telling the blonde that it will help them in times of trouble. Maya, bringing him back to the present time, said that it was all a lie, about what Gai told them awhile ago.
The bottle

Kira looks at the bottle that holds the water from the Spring of Life

Kira agreed, adding that it was clearly a lie and that Judas would never do such a thing. Gai then enters the room and starts on complaining about not able to watch the beginning part of his favorite anime, Poison Saint Beast, turned the TV on and slumps on the sofa. Noticing the tension, he then looked at the brothers, Kira averted his eyes. He apologize to them, adding that they still have no proof of such deed. Maya was happy to hear that. Gai then continues that at first, he cannot believe it also but then whatever he was about to say was cut off when Kira called Maya and headed straight out of the door. Unsure, Maya followed his big brother. Gai tried calling out to Maya but he was gone. Outside the mansion, Kira started walking with Maya following behind. Maya then asked his brother if it was okay to leave just like that. Kira answered him, saying that it does not matter and they are not anyway committed with the Saint Beast. Also, staying there is not the reason why they are in Earth in the first place. Maya agrees and that is to search for theoir reincarnated mother and suddenly asked if they will no longer go back to the mansion. Kira did not answered him and instead asked to confirmed that they (Gai and Maya) encountered the twin Guardian Angels at the park near the mansion. Maya said yes, Kira then continues that that is also the same place where Maya learned about the missing Guardian Angels and there might be something there that could prove Judas' innocence.
Goh topless

Goh looking at the moon

Maya then catches on what his brother is saying and agrees. Kira then concluded that they can do whatever they want since they are neutral at this point.

Back inside the mansion, Shin is still sleeping, a sad Gai was looking out of the window. Rey saw him but decided not to approached the young man and went to his room. The next scene is a topless Goh, looking at the moon by the mansion's veranda.

In Hell, Luca is reporting to Judas about the House of Revival being sealed again. Judas just dismissed it, saying that no matter what they do, the world will be theirs anyways. Luca agrees and that on the next full moon, Judas agrees. Then, Luca mentioned Shiva and his unusual obsession with Judas. Noting that although Shiva swore his undying loyalty to Judas, his missions which all failed says otherwise. Judas agrees and if it was someone, he said it is truly unforgivable but cannot fully blame it all on Shiva. Luca is unsure of what that answer means.
Getting creepier and creepier

the place where Judas and Luca are located, Hell

Judas expounded that it will just be a little more and asked that the white - haired angel stop mentioning that topic ever again. Luca says yes.

Morning in Earth, Rey opened the curtains, waking Gai in the process who fell asleep on the sofa. The young blonde angel was even surprised that it was already morning. Rey asked if he woke up Gai and added that Kira and Maya have gone off somewhere. Gai commented that they might never come back. A voice suddenly was heard, telling the 2 that they do not have the time to worry about them. The 2 was surprise to see Shin awake, supported by Goh and escorted him to sit on the sofa. Gai asked if Shin is doing alright already. Shin did not answered the question directly but said he cannot sleep forever and he knew that the Goddess will soon visit them. Gai was surprise to hear this. Rey then confirms that not is all right in Heaven and Gai agreed with what Shin said, about them not having any time to play around. Shin agrees while Goh looked at him worriedly.

Tamami ayumi n tsubasa

From left: Tamami, Ayumi and Tsubasa

The door bell then rang and Gai went to open it and thought it was the Goddess but saw Tamami, Ayumi and Tsubasa instead. Tamami greeted Gai while Tsubasa greeted Rey. Rey was surprised to see her too. Shin greeted Ayumi and she greeted him back in a shy voice. Goh asks why the Guardian Angels where there to visit them. Tamami answered, saying that they heard that the Saint Beast had descended to the surface and remembered the gool old times. Tsubasa was amazed as she looked at the mansion the Saint Beast are currently staying in. Ayumi explained that their human master just got hired and is now fixing his small apartment. Goddess Yuki then came with Pinky and was surprise to see the 3 Guardian Angels as well. The 3 girls all called Yuki by her name and Pinky admonished them and told them that she is a Goddess now so they should call her that way. Tsubasa laughs and agrees and Ayumi commented that Goddess' Yuki coming down to the surface is far too dangerous, especially on her own. Yuki agrees but dismises it easily, noting that the 3 girls are all looking fine. In the kitchen, Tsubasa insists that she help Rey but Rey says no. He explained that she is a guest but she persisted, even coming closer to Rey to prove that she is not going anywhere. Rey finally gave up and let Tsubasa do what she wants to do. While in the living room, Goh asked about the preparation for the gathering of the Guardian Angels that night. Tamami said that the special event will be held on the next full moon, at the zoo near the mansion. Goddess Yuki says that all holy spirits are busy due to this event, Pinky agrees as well.
Tamami hits the bullseye

Right on, Tamami!

Ayumi then asks Shin to join them tonight. The invitation caught Shin off guard and is unsure of what to answer. Tamami butted in and blurted out that Ayumi really wants Shin to join her tonight at the gathering, much to Ayumi's embarassment. Shin then apologized if he offended her in anyway and does not mean to. Goh added that Shin is not yet in the best shape at the moment and needs to rest some more. Gai then entered the room and declared that they, the Saint Beast, have no time playing around with them. Tamami commented that he may look busy but continues to watch anime. Gai blushed, embarassed that Tamami knew him all too well and admitted that he does watch Poison Saint Beast. Tamami knew it and everyone in the room laughed. Rey and Tsubasa then came in, both holding a newly home made cake but are still fighting on who gets to hold the cake until their hold got shaky and caused the cake to fell in one messy blob. Gai asked them what are they trying to do and Tamami added if Tsubasa is trying to help Rey or if she is just trying to get in his way, she can't tell which is which and everyone laughed again. After the laughter has subsided, Goddess Yuki asked Goh if she can speak with him alone. Goh agrees and left the room with her following behind, with sounds of Rey and Tsubasa fighting again as to who gets to clean the cake on the floor.
Forest area of the mansion

The forest area near the mansion

Outside the mansion, towards the densely forested area, Goh said that no one can hear them talk at that location so its safe. Goddess Yuki then commented that Kira and Maya are not around. Goh explained that it was because they expressed openly their doubts of Judas and his being the main culprit behind the missing Guardian Angels in front of the brothers and they did not take it too well. Yuki was not surprise to hear this. Goh continued and said that Kira and Maya choose to believe in Judas. Yuki understands and noted that ever since the Saint Beast descended, all Guardian Angels they have met have one similarities. Goh agrees and that similarity is that they are all manipulated and somehow, Judas fits in in all of this. Yuki agrees with Goh and wishes that this all end soon. Goh said that that goal is not the only thing that they all prayed for since all of them feels the same way. Yuki tells Goh that whatever the truth is, they should face it. Goh understand and said he will fulfill her orders. Inside the mansion, the 3 girls were looking at Goh and Yuki. Tsubasa comments that the 2 of them has a nice feel to it while Tamami wonders what they were talking about. Gai butts in and brags about Goh being cool and was about to continue on when Pinky ruins Gai's ranting spree by saying that that is not the case.
Gai brags goh

I agree!

Gai dejectedly said she ruined what other cool stuff he was about to say and earned laughter from the 3 Guardian Angels. Ayumi looked thoughtful so Shin approached her and asked if there was something wrong. Outside, Shiva watches this exchange and noticed that Ayumi is quite close to Shin and decided he will use her then walks away from the abandoned building.

The 3 Guradian Angels then bids them farewell. Gai says to give their regards to their human master to which Tamami countered that Gai should not watch too much TV. Gai obliged. Rey added that they can come anytime they wish. Tsubasa blushed as she said yes to that offer. Tsubasa then asked Goddess Yuki that the next time they meet, she hopes they can relax and talk. Yuki likes the idea and agrees. Ayumi then wishes that Shin take care of himself; Shin thanked her. Finally, Goh told them to be careful and to take care as well. They all said yes and left the mansion. Once out of earshot, Yuki commented that they might too, be targeted and she might have to call them all back to Heaven someday. Pinky said that its because Yuki likes them a lot; Rey also agrees on this. Gai commented that they look like they do not want to leave their human master. Shin added that Yuki should put more trust to them, the Saint Beast. Goh agrees on this. Yuki said that she does believe in all of them.

Like confessing to Shin

Yeah, like confessing to a certain someone...

Night came, the 3 Guardian Angels are walking towards the zoo. While walking, Tamami wished their master can join them on the event when Ayumi, all of a sudden, said she needs to do something and told the 2 girls to go ahead without her and left even before they could answer. Tamami was surprised and wondered out loud where she could be going to which Tsubasa answered that it was pretty obvious where the shy Guardian Angel is heading to, made more obvious by the way she took. Ayumi then runs and then from the bridge, she saw the mansion were 4 Saint Beast temporarily reside and made her decision that she will definitely tell Shin this time her feelings. Unknown to her, Shiva was hiding behind the trees, watching her every move. At the zoo where the Festival of the Holy Spirits is about to be held, Tsubasa and Tamami had already arrived and are wearing their standard Guardian Angel suit. Tamami noticed that Ayumi has not yet returned. Tsubasa assured her that she will definitely be there with Shin.

Inside the mansion, Gai was watching his favorite show, the Poison Saint Beast when Goh came in and asked where is Shin. The blonde answered that the bespectacled angel is out and doing some training. Rey then enters and asked Gai to call Shin since dinner is almost ready. Gai requested that he do that after the anime has ended. Goh then looks on the forested area with a thoughtful face.

At the forested area, Shin is doing some warming up and is on a full swing training mode when he decided to end it since he has reached his limit when he heard the bushes rustled. Immediately, he was on guard and asked who the intruder was when Ayumi stepped into the view. She then approached the surprised Shin, where the young angel asked what is she doing in the forest. She did not answered but merely stated that it was the night of the Full Moon Festival. Shin agrees and explained that it was an event where Guardian Angels assemble under the light of the Full Moon. Ayumi then asked if he is feeling well already.
Just what shiva needs

Just what Shiva wants to hear

Shin answered that he is getting there when she suddenly hugged him, confessing that she always wants to be near him that is why she also wears eyeglasses. Shin was surprised and gently break away from her hold but then Ayumi made a gesture that she is about to give Shin a kiss in the lips. Unsure of what is now going on, Shin backs away from the advancing Ayumi but his back then met a tree, stopping him from backing away any further. Ayumi then took the opportunity and hugged him again and was about to kiss him when all of a sudden, she smirked and transformed into Shiva. Shin, now knowing the deception, immediately pulled Shiva away from him. Shiva then attacked Shin with his elongated and sharpen nails, inflicting wound on the beyond than surprised Shin. Shin then asked if Shiva betrayed Heaven, to which his answer is that he threw it away. Shin did not understand what he meant by that answer. Shiva explained that he now only serves Judas and wants the said red haired to acknowledge him by killing Shin. He then called forth a magic ball that Shin easily recognized, black magic and with that, attacked Shin. Sharpened black shadows attacked Shin whom was not able to defend himself, thus, resulted to heavy injuries on his part. Heavily wounded, Shin fell on the ground. Shiva then approached him and was about to deliver the final blow when a dark pink light came between him and Shin, effectively stopping Shiva's fatal blow. Shiva jumped away for safety and was surprised to see the visitor. It was Judas and he is angry because he already gave orders that he is to stay away from the Saint Beast and leave them alone but still went against his orders. Judas continued, saying that Shiva used such a cowardly method of duplicating Ayumi to make Shin lower down his guard and guarantee an easy kill, disappointing Judas greatly. He then cast a magic and numerous number of hands came from the ground and was dragging Shiva down with them. Shiva called for Judas to help him but the red haired did not move an inch and watched as the ground engulfed a helpless Shiva until he is no longer in sight. He then approached the heavily wounded and unconscious Shin and told him that he cannot die there.

Inside the mansion, Goh was at the veranda again when Rey approached him and mentioned that the festival must have already started. Goh agrees.

Full moon turn red

Different color means bad news

At the zoo, the gathering of the Guardian Angels was a success with a lot of Guardian Angels came to participate on the important event when out of nowhere, the holy flame was extinguished and all the Guardian Angels felt an unusual aura. The moon then became red and Luca appeared before all of them. The angels knew who he was but all thought that he should have been sealed away in Hell, along with a certain red haired angel. Luca told them that the seal was broken and that their goal is to make their ideal world into reality. He then further explained that a new order is in place which will change the history and that they will all meet the one who will bring about this new order and appeared Judas. He ordered all the Guardian Angels to come with him, in Hell and into paradise.


  • I noticed that the way how the Spring of Life was given is different from this anime episode (Seijuu Kourin Hen) to the other anime episode (Kouin Jojishi Tenshitan). The only similarity is that the Spring of Life was given to Kira. But how and the explanation as to how the Spring of Life works differs in both anime. In Seijuu Kourin Hen, Kira was alone when Judas gave the Spring of Life and the only explanation Judas gave is that it will help Kira in times of trouble. Whereas in Kouin Jojishi Tenshitan, he gave the Spring of Life to Kira and Maya when they were about to descend from Heaven to Earth to search for their mother. And the explanation there is that it gives them the ability to go back to Heaven, which they did at the latter part of the aniome series.