Shin 1

Genbu no Shin

Shin is one of the original 6 Saint Beast and was bestowed the Shield of Genbu by Zeus. But after Judas and Luca where exiled out of Heaven, it was unclear what happened to him. Later on, he, along with Goh , Rey and Gai , where sent as part of the 4 Saint Beast to check the irregularities happening on Earth. He has a close relationship with the leader of the 6 Saint Beast, Judas.


He has a pale skin, slender body, wears an eye glass and his long cyan to blue hair color is secured by a white ribbon. His eyes has the color ranging from an amber to gold. In Heaven, he wears a black, closed collar, qipao - like attire with white and gold linings that goes all the way to his ankles. Underneath it, he wears black pants and a pair of white boots.

When he went to Earth, he wore a very light bluegreen coat, under it is a white polo with a plain blue cravat. His pants is of darker blue color.


Shin likes reading and playing with his angel - made wooden harp. He is also reserved and very kind to his fellow angels. He is knowledgeable about almost all kinds of things and serves as the voice of reason on the group.


  • Zeus - respects him greatly as their Father and Creator. But after their uprising, it is now unknown.
  • Lucifer - in the anime, it was not established if they even met.
  • Gabriel - in the anime, it was not established if they even met.
  • Pandora - not good because Pandora felt that they, the Saint Beast, will steal Zeus' love from him, thus, this person feels scorn towards him - one sided feeling.
  • Pearl - they never met.
  • Cassandra - same with Pandora, thus, this person feels scorn towards him - one sided feeling.
  • Judas - has a close, intimate relationship. Judas was the one who gave Shin his white ribbon which he has worn ever since.
  • Luca - fellow Saint Beast.
  • Goh - respects him as the 'older brother'. Goh confides with him if something is bothering him and listens to his advices.
  • Rey - has a close relationship since they were together since they were young angels.
  • Gai - usually the one to stop the bickering between him and Rey.
  • Ayumi - a Guardian Angel who has strong feelings for him. In Saint Beast his feelings are not established. In Tenshi no Shippo (Angel Tales), it is clear that both Shin and Ayumi have strong feelings for one another. This being proven when Shin saves her life and flushes when staring at her.
  • Shiva - not good because Shiva believes that Shin is always trying to be with Judas all the time which he detest, because he wants Judas all to himself.
  • Kira - close friends.
  • Maya - close friends.
  • Kamui - they never met.


  • Time Manipulation Technique: an ability only used by Shin where he can reverse the time around the person he directed it to but has a double edge sword effect. According to Gai (Episode 4 ), that the abilities of the angel who uses it go down to zero afterwards.


  • Shin is originally shown in the anime "Angel Tales" (Tenshi no Shippo) as an antagonist and the groom of Ayumi, who in this anime also appears as a Guardian Angel. She has feelings for him and wants to confess but cannot find the courage to do so. But with some pep talk from Tsubasa and Tamami, she finally got the guts but was intercepted by Shiva.
  • In the anime "Angel Tales", he looks slightly different. He is not wearing a ribbon - his hair is pulled in a tight bun with a white cloth. His eyes were grayish in color. And he does not have the longer fringes on the side of his face. He has the same power though: Time Manipulation. He can turn back the hands of time.