Goddess yuki

Goddess Yuki

She is the current Goddess reigning alongside with the God and Father of all, Zeus . In Seijuu Kouin Hen, she is the one who gives out the mission to the Saint Beast.


She has a waist length, bluish black hair, yellow colored eyes and pale skin. She wears a traditional kimono with an accent of a shrine maiden look. There are also 2 small, red balls floating on her back while a long flowing cloth floats, that serves like a protective coat.


She is very gentle, truly cares and loves all angels, regardless of their ranks. She is even worried for Kira and Maya 's fate, even though it was the brothers' decision to leave Heaven in the first place, and wishes that they return so that she can better look after them. She is also close to Tsubasa , Ayumi and Tamami since they were once colleagues and have the same human master , before Yuki was chosen to be the next Goddess.

It was not implied if she and Goh have special feelings for each other although there were times that they look at each other in a certain way. Also, Tsubasa mentioned that they have a certain mood when it was just the 2 of them.


Yuki and ikebana

Yuki in Angel Tales

Yuki, along with Tsubasa, Ayumi and Tamami, is also an original anime character from the anime Tenshi no Shippo (Angel Tales) and serves their human master, Goro Matsumi. She is also the chosen bride for Goh (who is the main protagonist and the leader of the Saint Beast).

She acts as the mother of the group, thus, does motherly chores most of the time. Also, she gives advice whenever needed. Her former life is that of the white snake.