Shy ayumi


Ayumi is a Guardian Angel and serves the same human master as Tamami and Tsubasa . She has feelings towards Genbu no Shin .


She has a chin length hair and wears eyeglasses, where she confided to Shin that for her to get near him, she started wearing one as well. She wears a green beret positioned to the right, a green colored, shorts sleeves, Sailor's dress with an inner black sleeves that reaches her wrist and a pocket on her left chest area. Below, she wears a short skirt also colored green, a grayish brown stockings and a pair of brown leather shoes.


She is shy when Shin is around because she feels strongly for him but cannot tell him directly about this. She did manage to ask him to join them for the Full Moon Festival but since Shin was in no shape to be walking around, he had to decline the offer. Goh explained the reason for Shin's answer to appease her dejected look.



How Ayumi looks like in Tenshi no Shippo (Angel Tales)

She is originally from the anime Tenshi no Shippo (Angel Tales) and is just about the same. She also feels strong admiration towards Shin (who is one of the antagonist at that time) and is the only Guardian Angel who returns back his feelings (Shin is in love with Ayumi in that anime and wants her as his bride).

In Angel Tales, she has an ahoge (antenna - like) hair on the left side and wears a green beret that symbolizes her previous life, which is the turtle. She is then characterized as slow to make decisions because she always thinks ahead. In terms of ranks, she is a Senior member.