Tamami is a Guardian Angel who has the same master as Ayumi and Tsubasa . In terms of looks, she is the youngest of the three and calls Ayumi with 'nee-san'.


She has a bright orange colored hair with two buns shaped like triangled on her head. She has green eyes. She wears a yellow, close neck, 3/4 long sleeves and on top is a tiger - like stripes. Below, she wears a white miniskirt and a brown colored pair of sandals.


She is cheerful and is about the only one whom Gai actually listens to (like when she told Gai to watch less TV, he actually said yes).



Tamami in Angel Tales

There's not much difference in terms of looks since she looks exactly the same from Angel Tales to Saint Beast.

She is characterized as a cat - like and has many cat - like traits and was chosen as Gai's bride but argues that she is too young to be his wife. Nevertheless, he protects her and makes sure she is out of harms way. Her former life is that of a cat.

Same with Tsubasa, she was first an Intermediate rank then became Senior rank.