Blushing tsubasa


Tsubasa is a Guradian Angel who has the same master as Ayumi and Tamami . In Saint Beast, her feelings towards Rey was not clearly indicated but she seem to like hanging around with him.


She has a long, dark blue green hair with the side hair hugging her cheeks. She wears a white, long sleeved polo shirt (with blue lining right at the center) with a red ribbon near the clavicle area and a short blue colored skirt. There is also a circular pin on the upper left side of her shirt. She is also wearing a below the knee black socks and brown shoes.


She is cheerful, stubborn and is more aware of emotions, mostly of love, among the three, as evidence when Ayumi left them before the Full Moon Festival started. Tamami has no idea why she left and Tsubasa explained it as plain as the day. She 'bonded' with Rey as soon as she was able to, but ended up in a disaster. After that, she still fought with Rey about who gets to clean the mess.



Tsubasa in Angel Tales

She is an original anime character from the anime Tenshi no Shippo (Angel Tales). In this anime, she does not like Rey because said man is trying to hurt her master.

She has the same hair color with an addition to a yellow headband. Her long hair is tied at the back and styled to make an appearance of a parakeet's wings, her previous life. She is also boyish but sometimes expresses characteristics of a young girl.

She is ranked Intermediate but then promoted to Senior rank when Angel Tales Season 2 started.