Guardian angels

From upper left: Natsuki and Hiro From Lower left: Mio and Rio, Tamami, Ayumi and Tsubasa

As the name implies, Guardian Angels are spiritual beings sent to Earth to help out well - deserved humans, whatever their stature in life is, and serve them until the end of their days. The bond between a Guardian Angel and their human master is so great that they do not want to leave their master's side and are extremely happy whenever they are with them. One good example would be Hiro and his male human master. The only Guardian Angel that the Saint Beast encountered that appears to have no human master (or was never mentioned that she has) was Natsuki.

Color Coded UniformEdit

In Seijuu Kouin Hen, there are 3 colors that differentiates a Guardian Angel from the other:

The Green colored uniform is worn by male Guardian Angels where the Pink and Blue were mostly worn by the female Guardian Angels. The difference from the pink to the blue is not stated, nor it is determined by age (because Pinky wears the pink uniform but in Episode 5, there is a Guardian Angel who looks like in her teens, who also wears the pink uniform).