Houou no Luca

Long time friend of Judas , he has a very mysterious past. He was also once part of the 6 Saint Beast and was given the title Houou and was given an additional power to read minds with his fingertips.


Pale skin, has a medium length (neatly tied by a black wrapping), silver-white hair adorn by a turban that was said to hide the seal on his forehead - the seal which restricts him from remembering his past. Oddly enough, when he was a young angel, said turban is not there yet. He wears the same sleeveless, close collar (sealed by 2 silver chokers), darker shade of bluegreen qipao - like clothing like Judas with white linings. He also has a silver belt, with studs as the decoration. He wears a pair of black pants.

On his upper forearm, is a black, tight arm warmers that goes all the way to his wrist. On his left hand are a 4 pieces of nice fitting bangles in silver color.

His wings are bluish-white.


He is quiet and has a strong sense of justice, just like his long time friend, Judas. He has a close relationship with Rey. After the rebellion, Luca is cold and only appears to trust Judas.


  • Zeus - respects him as the Creator and Father of all angels. But after their uprising, all he have is pure hatred and vengeance.
  • Lucifer - in the anime, it was not established if they ever met.
  • Gabriel - in the anime, it was not established if they ever met.
  • Pandora - not good because Pandora felt that they, the Saint Beast, will steal Zeus' love from him, thus, this person feels scorn towards him - one sided feeling.
  • Pearl - they never met.
  • Cassandra - same with Pandora, thus, this person feels scorn towards him - one sided feeling.
  • Judas - close friends ever since they were young angels.
  • Goh - close friends and fellow Saint Beast.
  • Shin - close friends and fellow Saint Beast.
  • Rey - fellow Saint Beast and has an intimate relationship. Rey was the one who first approached him and ever since, they were inseperable. He is protective of Rei, much like Judas is with Shin. After the rebellion, it is unknown what their relationship is, though they do still seem to care for each other.
  • Gai - close friends and fellow Saint Beast.
  • Kira - close friends. He understands Kira, thus, the blonde angel respects him and follows his advice.
  • Maya - close friends.
  • Shiva - civil and he is aware of this man's feelings towards his friend, Judas.
  • Kamui - they never met.


  • Read minds with his fingertips: he was given this additional abilities by Zeus when he became a Saint Beast. Like with Judas, this is most likely due to his wish that he wants to understand Rey more, a day before the trials for the selected Saint Beast candidates starts.
  • Fighting Ability
  • Flying: Like Rei, Luca is able to fly with wings. He and Rei are the only ones who can do this.

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Luca solo
Shiva with judas and luca
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Luca reporting to yuda
Zeus with young judas n luca