Kamui, the golden wolf.

Kamui is a golden wolf who is at odds with Zeus for the longest time. He is against the order of moving to another place since they are already on their 'holy ground'. He was killed by Judas as per orders from Zeus.


In human form, he has a short blonde hair and golden eyes. His ears are slightly pointed upwards.

In wolf form, he is purely gold in color, slightly bigger than the other wolves, in terms of size.


According to Maya , Kamui has the same 'feeling' with Judas that is why he easily felt comfortable, much to his older brothers' concern. He does not like Zeus and anyone that has anything to do with the said god. He is somewhat tolerant with Maya, not sure with Kira though.


He first appeared when the 2 brothers, Kira and Maya, who were wandering around Earth got lost. They first saw him in his human form and so asked for him to let them stay for the meantime. He begrudgingly agreed but in one condition: they will leave first thing in the morning. Maya was happy, quite the opposite of his brothers' reaction.

Kamui in a cave

Kamui talking with Maya.

After a few months, they decided to pay Kamui a visit and to give thanks for him letting stay for a night, they brought him a gift.

Back in Heaven, Zeus is having some major issues with the one he considers a defiant and dangerous Kamui. At first, Zeus resorted to peaceful talks and a little bribe: he sent Pandora came and gave him a gift, the sweetest wine in Heaven. Kamui angrily slap it away and threatened the official to never come again. Zeus then gave an order to Judas to kill the golden wolf. This mission is only for him, as the leader of the 6 Saint Beast, thus the members does not know about it, except for Goh . He accompanied Judas when he came to Earth and battled with the wolves who were standing guard.

Kamui before fight

Kamui, when he saw Judas.

Judas and Kamui first talked but it was beyond that already and so a great fight ensued. Both were very good fighters but Judas used his ultimate power, finally defeating the golden wolf. Before he died, he asked for Judas' name to which he gave and placed a curse on him. Exacting revenge the next time he is reborn. He then disappeared in a form of gold lights.