Kirin no Judas

He was the leader of the 6 Saint Beast and was bestowed the title of Kirin and was given an additional power, which is to heal wounds using his lips.


Red hair of medium length, on his forehead are 2 gold, slim headbands, arranged assymetrically. He wears a sleeveless, open collar, purple qipao - like clothing that has white linings on it; at the waist area, it is cut into two, therefore covering his groin area all the way to the knee area. He wears a brown colored pants and a plating covered from ankle to lower calf and brown shoes.

He also has a covered sleeves from upper forearm (secured by 2 black belts) down to his hands.


He is very popular in Heaven although he has no knowledge of it. He is gentle and kind towards other angels, regardless of their rank. He has a strong sense of justice and does not like it when weaker angels are being bullied by other angels.


  • Zeus - respects him greatly as their Father and Creator. But after their uprising, all he have is pure hatred and vengence.
  • Lucifer - according to Judas' dream, Lucifer seems to be a nice and kind angel and looks out for them.
  • Gabriel - according to Judas' dream, he is always beside Lucifer who also looks out for the younger angels.
  • Pandora - civil. He has no knowledge that Pandora likes him.
  • Pearl - they never met.
  • Cassandra - civil. Although, for him, all Saint Beast members are the enemy and a threat.
  • Luca - they have been together ever since they were young angels. A very close friend whom he confide with with his inner thoughts.
  • Goh - close friends and fellow Saint Beast. They share the same strong sense of justice and duty.
  • Shin - has a close and intimate relationship. He gave Shin the white ribbon. He is protective of Shin. Even after he betrayed and was cast out of heaven, he still cared about Shin and did not hesitate to kill Shiva for hurting him.
  • Rey - close friends and fellow Saint Beast.
  • Gai - close friends and fellow Saint Beast.
  • Shiva - fellow angel but when he found out what Shiva did to Shin, he did not hesitate to punish him.
  • Kira - cares for them even if they were half angel, half human - he treated them like equal. Their relationship was so well, Kira refused to believe that Judas had betrayed them.
  • Maya - cares for them even if they were half angel, half human - he treated them like equal.
  • Kamui - personally, he has nothing against him.


  • Healing: as the leader of the Saint Beast, Zeus bestowed upon him the ability to heal by using his lips. This is most likely due to Judas fervent wish of healing Shin's wound when the latter was attacked by a demon who managed to escape the Forest of Darkness.

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