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Hello and welcome to the Saint Beast Wiki, the database for the anime and manga Saint Beast, created by Arisugawa Kei. This is a community website that anyone can contribute to so please, discover, share and feel free to add your own knowledge!

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Saint Beast is a Japanese action / fantasy / shounen - ai story centering around gods, guardian angels, animal spirits and magic. It is a spin - off from the anime "Angel Tales".

Saint Beast is originally a CD drama centering on the lives of the 6 Holy Beasts, and their attraction to one another. Seeing the CD drama being a huge success and spawning over 20 CDs, Wonderfarm created the small 6 anime episode series for fan service. As of 2005, 2 new OVAs were made, but this time, they focused on what happened back in Heaven. In the early 2006, a new side story of Saint Beast called Saint Beast: Others was started. The 1st CD drama was released on September 21, 2006. In 2007, another Saint Beast series called "Saint Beast Kouin Jojishi Tenshi Tan" started.

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