Suzaku no Rey

One of the 6 Saint Beast and was given the Spear of Suzaku by Zeus . Same tragic event happened to him when he joined the fight against Zeus with his fellow Saint Beast.


Rey has a long (waist length) purple hair, pale skin and wears a red colored tiara on his head. He wears a sleeveless, close collar, red qipao-like robe with white linings. He also dones a red arm warmer with gold lining that stops at the wrist area. He wears a pair of black pants and black boots that goes all the way to his mid calf.

While on Earth, he wore a pink long sleeves with ruffles on top of where the buttons were and a black choker.


Rey is a gentle angel who loves cooking and is very good at it. He is also the prime target of Gai 's pranks but always ends up in fail, for the blonde angel anyway. He also hates the thought of eating fried chicken because he considers them as his friends and thinks of it is a cannibalism on his part, so whenever Gai suggest they eat one, he goes on a frenzy.


  • Zeus - respects him greatly as their Father and Creator. But after their uprising, it is now unknown.
  • Lucifer - in the anime, it was not established if they even met.
  • Gabriel - in the anime, it was not established if they even met.
  • Pandora - not good because Pandora felt that they, the Saint Beast, will steal Zeus' love from him, thus, this person feels scorn towards him - one sided feeling.
  • Pearl - they never met.
  • Cassandra - same with Pandora, thus, this person feels scorn towards him - one sided feeling.
  • Judas - respects as the leader of Saint Beast.
  • Luca - has a very close, intimate relationship. He is also one of the 2 people who knew of the seal marking on his forehead. When Luca was still in Heaven, they will fly together to places, just the 2 of them.
  • Goh - respects him as the 'older brother'.
  • Shin - when they were young, they were always together. Still has a close relationship even after becoming an adult angel.
  • Gai - close but the blonde angel always plans a prank behind his back but ultimately fails.
  • Tsubasa - In the anime Tenshi no Shippo (Angel Tales), Rei took Tsubasa as his bride, stating that he liked her personality. He is very fond of her and his connection to her is great as she was once a parakeet who died from a fall while trying to fly. She then became a Guardian Angel. In Saint Beast, his feelings for her are not clearly stated, and they only seem to argue about helping out in the kitchen up to cleaning up the fallen cake.
  • Shiva - not good since Shiva always prefer to watch and stalk Judas than have friends.
  • Kira - when they were young, Kira teases Rey. Now as an adult angel, they are friends.
  • Maya - close friends.
  • Kamui - they never met.


  • Rey is originally shown in the anime "Angel Tales" (Tenshi no Shippo) as an antagonist and is in love with Tsubasa, who in this anime appears as a Guardian Angel. His appearance there is that his left eye is covered by his fringe. Also, a funny event was when Goro Matsumi asked if he met him somewhere, Rey said he knows where he is getting at but he is as straight as an arrow.