The Father of all, Zeus.

The Creator and Father of all angels, Zeus. He was just and a kind father who cares deeply for his children. But somewhere along the road, things started to change and along with it, is his behavior and attitude.


He has a long, white flowing hair tied at the back and wears a Greek - like garment; with golden shoulder pads that is attached to a long white cape. He is also adorned with a big pendant that serves as a necklace.


At the beginning, he was a kind, loving father of all angels and they too, love him in return. He listens to suggestions from his children (like with Judas ). But then, his atittude changed and banished Lucifer out of Heaven and later, Judas and Luca were imprisoned in Hell for uprising against him due to his ways of managing Heaven and has gone far off the right path.

He decided to rank the angels too - Low, Middle and High - and caused needless feelings on the angels such as envy and hatred. On top of that, he created another position higher than the High ranking angels called Saint Beast, and this, caused much further unnecessary emotions.


He can see most of his childrens' action through a transparent - looking crystal ball (like in the case of Shiva , where he let a demon escape from the Forest of Darkness in exchange for the said demon to kill Shin ). Also, he can grant additional power to them - like Judas' ability to heal with his lips, Luca's ability to read minds through his fingertips, Goh 's sword named Seiryuu, Shin's shield named Genbu, Rey 's arrow named Suzaku, and Gai 's armor named Byakko.

He can also trap evil spirits on another dimension (which was called the Forest of Darkness) and seal them on one of the great articles that he owns (the box, later called the "Pandora 's Box).